The Siamese fighting fish is the species of the gourami family, which is popular as an aquarium fish. As the name suggests, males like to fight each other to the death (automatically). This fish has a strong sexual dimorphism; the male Siamese fighting fish have elegant, flowing tails and fins while the females' are shorter than the males. They are territorial fish and it is extremely unwise to put two or more males together in the same aquarium because they can't coexist with each other. Unlike the males, the females can coexist with each other. Most importantly, the females can also become territorial towards each other if they're not put in a large enough tank.

Behavior Edit

With the exception of more than one male, these fish, especially the females, make good tank mates with non-aggressive fish such as Neon tetra, and Dwarf Gourami.

Feeding Edit

Siamese fighting fish will eat live foods, and flake food but will prefer pellet food.

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